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Traditional Christianity says:

1) This is the only day of salvation.

2) The unsaved (even babies!) are going to burn in eternal hellfire.


But we have to ask:
1) Would a fair God torment forever people who never had a chance for salvation?
2) Would a loving God torment forever even innocent babies?
4) Are friends and relatives who were good people, but never went to church, really condemned to burn in hellfire?
5) Wouldn't such a God be cruel and sadistic - the opposite of loving, fair and just? 

If you have ever wondered about those teachings, read on!
The God portrayed that way is not the God of the Bible!
The God portrayed that way is not the creator God!
The real God loves his creation and wants all mankind to be saved.
The real God has a plan He is working out, (but few Christians are aware of it).
Let me show you, from your own Bible, the real God.

Do babies burn in hell? No!

Do the unsaved burn forever? No!

What really happens to the unsaved?

All the "unsaved" that ever lived will have a chance!

C. Frazier Spencer

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